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Experience the royal treatment with Red’s Big Crown Trucking LLC, where we’re Bosses of the road. To have A Truckers Dispatcher to deliver us with Big loads , Big Trucks and Big Service. Come Join Red’s Team and Boss Up

It’s time to Boss up Bosses And Build a Six Figure Trucking Business…

Earn an average of $3,000 Each Week!

What we offer

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Load & Trip Planning

Best Rate Negotiation

New Carrier Set-up

Broker Credit Checks

Factoring Setup

Document BOL Processing

Billing & Invoicing

Detention and TONU Asistance

Hey, I'm Boss Red

The Owner of Red’s Big Crown Trucking LLC A Dispatch Company. And I would love to help you become a Owner like Myself.. To become a Six Figure Boss! Yesss if YOU want A Up Scale Business and take it to the Next Level come get Lock In Lets Talk Business… If you want to Start your Own Dispatch Business Company Or Need A Dispatching Service this is the program for You.. We are a Professional Trucking, Transportation, Dispatching service All over the USA. We Spread across 48 states. We are a team that’s based On Safety and Rich Customer Service. We are on the Road and we are in Business! 

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Expedition Choicing

Trucking Company Dispatch Setup


Best Client Feedback

Our experienced truck dispatchers are specialized to help

Dry Van
Sprinter Van
Box Trucks

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Lets Make This Happen Bosses
  • Your Freedom Starts Here!
  • Work where you want
  • Create your own schedule
  • Start with a cellphone & computer
  • Help truckers find and deliver loads
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