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At Red’s Big Crown Trucking LLC, we empower you to take charge of your business. Whether you prefer to handle your own load bookings or have us do it for you, we give you the freedom to select the loads that align with your business requirements. You have the flexibility to decide when you want to take time off and when you’re ready to hit the road again. Additionally, our percentage-based pay system means that as rates increase, so do your earnings. With Red’s Big Crown Trucking LLC, you can grow your business on your own terms.

FREEDOM: Be Your Own Boss

At Red’s Big Crown Trucking LLC, we understand that you are the master of your own business. You have the freedom to select the loads that align with your preferences, choose when you want to hit the road, and decide when you’re ready to return home.

SUPPORT: We will HELP You All The Way

At Red’s Big Crown Trucking LLC, we are dedicated to ensuring your success. We recognize that your achievements contribute to our collective success, which is why we prioritize supporting you every step of the way.


The trucking industry is undeniably one of the most critical and valuable industries in the United States and across the world. With the urgent need for supplies and goods to be transported swiftly, the trucking industry is always in high demand, ensuring job security and stability for those involved.

High Demand: Over 10 billion tons and 70% of goods transported via trucks.

Opportunities: It also offers various career paths and opportunities for growth

Community: Join a powerful community focused on serving others.

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